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Happiness, Eudaimonia, and Practical Reasoning - Oxford Scholarship

It is a type of reasoning used all the time in everyday life and all kinds of technology where autonomous reasoning is required. Argumentation theorists have identified two kinds of practical reasoning: instrumental practical reasoning that does not explicitly take values into account, [2] and value-based practical reasoning.

Jürgen Habermas - The Concept of Practical Reason

The pronoun I represents an autonomous agent. It can be seen from CQ5 that argumentation from consequences is closely related to the scheme for practical reasoning. It has often been disputed in philosophy whether practical reasoning is purely instrumental or whether it needs to be based on values.

Argument from values is combined with practical reasoning in the type of argumentation called value-based practical reasoning. Practical reasoning is used in arguments, but also in explanations used to draw conclusions about an agent's goals, motives or intentions, based on reports of what the agent said or did. Practical reasoning is centrally important in artificial intelligence, and also vitally important in many other fields such as law, medicine and engineering. It has been known as a distinctive type of argumentation as far back as Aristotle.

Practical Reasoning about Final Ends

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Cancel Save. Second, this final end is eudaimonia—a good life for the one living it, i. This chapter explores these two ideas. Then it asks whether the sort of good that happiness is could also be the final end for deliberation, focusing on questions about other-regarding ends, self-sacrifice, and moral obligations.

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