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The book provides forms and charts to help readers determine whether or not they are suffering from a mood disorder and comprehensive information about the three main barriers to recovery: Not receiving treatment Incorrect diagnosis Receiving inadequate treatment. Rave Reviews Featured in The Washington Post "A welcome addition to the self-help arsenal for mood disorders…this book adopts an integrative approach that is relevant and accessible to consumers seeking answers.

More Information. Our Address Bull Publishing, P. Box Boulder, CO Medication is an important part of treatment for many people with bipolar disorder, but it can be hard to keep track of.

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More than just a reminder app, the interface displays what medications you need to take and when, complete with an illustration of what the medication looks like, information about interacting substances, and reminders for when you need to refill your prescription. Bipolar disorder can lead to difficulty in some personal relationships. The app integrates your information to evaluate your performance in the four areas of emotional intelligence, then helps you set goals and improve. If you want to nominate an app for this list, email us at nominations healthline.

Amanda Doyle is a Boston-based healthcare editor, former dance fitness instructor, and previous neuroscience researcher.

She's passionate about equity, kindness, conscious language, and destigmatizing the human experience. Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi has gone viral for her showstopping floor routines. Depression hurts. And while we often pair this mental illness with emotional pain like sadness, crying, and feelings of hopelessness, research shows…. My task was finding a way of making them…. The next time you start to feel anxious, calm your mind with these ideas that will add tiny bursts of mindfulness to your day. Instead, it should be…. Adding these 10 simple self-care strategies to your daily routine can be effective for managing depression.

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Bipolar disorder (depression & mania) - causes, symptoms, treatment & pathology

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What are the symptoms of bipolar disorder?

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